The owner of this beautiful American classic bought the components himself and thought he would have no problem in carrying out the conversion. However, when the components arrived, he realised that it wasn’t going to be an easy job: “I opened the boxes, saw the components, got depressed understanding I would never be able to finish this on my own, went home”.

Following a recommendation from a mutual friend, he got in touch with us and, after a brief meeting, his depression had turned into motivation. After a thorough inspection of the components, some of them were swapped for better alternatives and we were back on track. This project was a good example of teamwork: the customer did much of the mechanical work on his own, while EVES took care of the electrical work, including designing the HV and LV architecture based on the selected components, developing and connecting the advanced HV battery system and making sure everything worked in perfect harmony.

The end result was breath-taking and the Impala has received a lot of attention since its completion in late 2020. For EVES, this project has led not only to future work for this customer, but also to making new friends and possibly partners.

Manufacturer: Chevrolet

Model: 1964 Impala Convertible

Electric motor: Tesla Base Model LDU (Large Drive Unit)

Motor controller: EV Controls T1-C

Power: 285kW (387hp)

Torque: 440Nm from 0rpm

Batteries: LG Chem 16S1P 45Ah LiNMC 59, 2Vdc modules

Battery config: 96S1P (x3) 3 parallel strings of 6 modules each

Voltage: 400Vdc fully charged (360Vdc nominal)

Capacity: 47kWh

Range: +200km on a full charge

Charger: 10kW on-board charger (5 hours of charging)

Cost: Contact us for a quote