Built nearly 10 years ago with what the market had to offer at that time, this vehicle is probably one of the pioneers of electric conversion in Sweden. Not an easy task as there was basically nothing to look at and use as a reference in terms of OEM EVs.

However, that technology is now outdated and, to be honest, the vehicle also had a few safety concerns that could not be left as they were when we did other upgrades to the system. The main task was to switch the old BMS system to something modern and more reliable than the old MiniBMS. The obvious choice was to go for an S-BMS from Lithium Balance – the most bang for the buck system available on the market. The customer had also experienced charging issues and, as it turned out, the old workhorse from TC Charger was severely damaged and also needed to be replaced. We went for a new CAN-controlled 3.3 kW unit that will make for a much faster charging time than with the old 1.8 kW unit. Another wish was to fit all 45 battery cells of the system into the luggage compartment as they were previously spread out in four different boxes, making for a more complex and unsafe system.

It was a tricky task but with a modified rear battery box, we were actually able to fit all the batteries, the new charger and the relay/switch box in the small luggage compartment of the Honda. The system turned out well and the customer was very happy with the upgrades. This coming winter 20/21 we will replace all the old Thundersky/Winston batteries with brand-new CALB 100Ah cells, which should make this cool commuter car run reliably for at least another 10 years.

Manufacturer: Honda

Model: 1989 CRX

Electric Motor: Thrige Titan TTL250CV (DC motor)

Motor controller: Kelly KDH14800D

Power: 58 kW (78 hp)

Torque: xxx Nm at 0 rpm

Batteries: Thundersky/Winston LiFePO4 (Lithium iron phosphate) 3.2 v 100 Ah @ 70% SOH

Voltage: 160 Vdc fully charged (144 Vdc nominal)

Capacity: 14.4 kWh

Range: 80-100 km on a full charge at current SOH

Charger: 3.3 kW on-board charger (4 hours of charging)

Cost: N.A.